PUNK: SNL Salutes Leonard Cohen and Hillary Clinton

SNL’s first post-election show opened without any jokes. Instead of lampooning the election, the show went in a different, sombre direction.

Kate McKinnon dressed as Hillary Clinton and honoured Leonard Cohen by singing “Hallelujah” on the piano. But the moving rendition was also a sort of farewell to McKinnon’s Clinton character. It offered a message of hope after a dark week.

The performance is raw. It stirs up a lot of emotions conjured over the past week. A glass ceiling women around America thought would shatter with a Clinton victory, instead feels crueler than ever.

McKinnon appears on the verge of tears a number of times. It was a powerful moment, especially for a woman who cried in a Rolling Stone interview when speaking about the possibility of Clinton becoming the first female president.

But McKinnon ends the song by saying, “I’m not giving up, and neither should you.”

Trump’s victory was a crushing blow to everyone who believes in equality. Following the election it was hard not to feel dejected. Hard not to feel like all the progress made over the years by minorities—which, by the way, isn’t much—has been for naught. If a racist, sexist, mouth-breathing buffoon with zero qualifications could become president, then what’s the point. At some point you feel like you’re just banging your head against a wall.

But McKinnon’s words are a powerful reminder that no matter how many steps back a Trump presidency is, we must march on. We must regroup and redouble our efforts to shape this world into a better place. A place for everyone—regardless of their gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, or any of the other characteristics Donald Trump and his ilk use to dehumanize.



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  1. regularguyhealthandstuff · November 15

    Great performance and a great reminder to never give up.

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